What is SEO ROI and How to Calculate SEO ROI?

What is SEO ROI? This question may be as simple as a calculator in a financial marketing course, but SEO ROI has a lot to do with what a company can realistically expect to gain by optimizing its website.

What is SEO ROI and How to Calculate SEO ROI?

What is SEO ROI? This question may be as simple as a calculator in a financial marketing course, but SEO ROI has a lot to do with what a company can realistically expect to gain by optimizing its website.

SEO ROI is simply a mathematical ratio that represents the value of a site's return on investment.

A site will have a higher return on investment than its initial cost when SEO creates more conversions or traffic than the company's investment.

 How can companies find this ratio? The simplest way to approach it is to divide SEO ROI by the initial investment.

Know your Investment

The first step in SEO ROI is knowing how much money you are putting back for your SEO efforts. This information can be found in the footnotes section of any analytics software that you use, or by contacting a company that specializes in SEO.

Most analytics programs will provide you with this information as part of a comprehensive report's section.

If you aren't comfortable with navigating individual links or navigating your analytics program, you can also contact a professional SEO provider so they can help you interpret and analyze the data.

Many SEO providers provide reports and recommendations about your website's ROI. For example, if you sell financial products to people in the UK, you should expect that your revenue will increase when you target people who are interested in reducing debt, saving money, or increasing cash flow.

If you only target people in the UK who are interested in investing in stocks or real estate, you will not achieve the same results because different markets have different competitive landscapes.

By knowing the type of target market, you want to optimize for, you can tailor your SEO campaigns to achieve the best results.

One of the reasons why SEO is so difficult to understand is because it is not just about numbers. SEO is an extremely complex discipline that involves an enormous amount of math, e-books, and articles.

ROI is Sometimes difficult to calculate

If you are trying to calculate SEO ROI, you will need to be intimately familiar with a lot of complicated data. However, with the advent of e-books and other tools for digital marketing, calculating ROI is easier than ever before. There are many guides available online that will walk you through each step in the process.

How to Calculate SEO ROI?

If you are into an online business, you probably know the basics of SEO and online marketing but not how to calculate SEO ROI.

The ROI stands for Return on Investment, and in this case, it means the amount of return you get from all the clicks you have made as a result of your ad.

If you invested your money in getting your ad running on certain sites or having it advertised in magazines or newspapers, then you would end up getting some amount of return on investment. But how exactly does one arrive at such a figure?

·       Divide the investment into ads

How to calculate SEO ROI is pretty straightforward. You take your monthly investment and divide it by the number of monthly ads or placements you have had and you will get your ROI.

Now if you have had a steady flow of traffic from those placements, say a hundred ad a month, then you would have to divide this by four or six months and see results.

This is how you arrive at an ROI figure. This could also be done every year or on a monthly basis depending on how your website or business is doing.

·       Check the way of investment

Now there are different ways in which you can arrive at the amount of your ROI depending on how much your investment was.

For example, if you have invested twenty thousand dollars and your website is generating twenty thousand page views per month, then you could calculate your annual ROI at about eight hundred and thirty thousand.

And if your website is earning forty thousand per month, then you could expect about eighteen thousand per annum in profit margin.

There are other considerations you would have to make for calculating ROIs but this would be enough to get you started.

·       Get importance of the SEO practice you do

The importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization cannot be underestimated because a good number of websites do very well even in the most competitive niche of the market.

This is because they know how to make use of SEO so that they rank higher in search engine result pages or SERPs.

And this is where your SEO needs to start on the right foot and if it doesn't, then you won't do very well.

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So as a business owner takes the time in understanding how SEO works, he or she should also take time in understanding how long-term optimization is. This is vital in making sure that you don't lose your money in investing it.

Another important factor in understanding how to calculate SEO ROI is the conversion rate. This simply refers to the number of visitors you get and the number of people who turn into leads and sales.

In simple terms, your conversion rate tells you how many people you need to contact to close a sale.

If your conversion rate is less than one visitor per lead and sales transaction, then you may have a problem. You will not be able to make much money with your SEO efforts.


There are many other factors that you need to consider when you want to know how to calculate SEO ROI. The first thing that you need to know is that every SEO campaign is different.

Therefore, there are no set methods that can work for all kinds of campaigns.

The only method that can be used is by using various tools and software that can help you understand how long-term optimization is and how to measure it to get the best results.

 This is why it is essential to learn how to use different tools and software that would be best suited for your business needs.


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