What is Nintendo switch Camera: How to use Nintendo Switch IR Camera

Using the Nintendo Switch, you will be able to play your favorite games from your home or wherever you would like. The console has done extremely well since its launch and is a strong competitor to PlayStation and Xbox.

What is Nintendo switch Camera: How to use Nintendo Switch IR Camera

Using the Nintendo Switch, you will be able to play your favorite games from your home or wherever you would like. The console has done extremely well since its launch and is a strong competitor to PlayStation and Xbox.

Many people are not aware their console has a hidden camera, even though millions have been sold so far. Nintendo Switch's camera is in the controller, not the console.

The presence or absence of a camera on the Nintendo Switch is one of the many features and benefits that users enquire about.

Competitor consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox are (or once were) equipped with cameras, but the lack of portability means that they would be of little use with an integrated camera array.

However, the portability of the Nintendo Switch Camera makes it an attractive option for many gamers. Here's everything you need to know.         

Does the Nintendo Switch have a camera? 

The Nintendo Switch does not have a camera in the conventional sense since it does not have a lens on its front or back. You won't be able to take pictures with it like you would with a smartphone or tablet.

The majority of Switch owners are likely to take pictures with their smartphones on the go. A Switch is not a mobile camera, so that makes sense. The story doesn't end there, however.

If you look at the underside of your Switch Joycon controller, you’ll notice an area of black amongst those bright colors. This is a camera, of sorts. This IR camera does not have a traditional lens, but it does utilize IR technology.

It maps the environment using infra-red. Nintendo Labo kits have helped make use of the camera much more, though initially there wasn't much use for it. Here's what you can do with it.

What Can the Motion IR Camera Do Exactly?

Infrared cameras and sensors generate invisible dots that are then used to map what they strike. This is similar to how sonar works.

The Joycon controllers can therefore detect movements and objects and process them as inputs. You might be surprised at how good image detection is. Infrared sensors are also able to detect heat maps. Cameras, however, are of average quality.

Additionally, IR cameras cannot be used without the Labo kit, and even with it, they do not function the same way as traditional cameras. Using a Joycon to take a picture isn't possible.

Nintendo Switch IR camera: How to use

Getting Switch games that make use of the IR camera is the easiest way to use the camera. In Nintendo Labo, for instance, the IR sensor allows for a variety of ways the Switch can be notified of input.

With its infrared capabilities, the camera can also detect heat, and transmit a live feed of any heat sources that it detects back to the Switch.

The camera is not your normal security camera. Instead, it can only be used to interact with Nintendo-designed products.

Taking a screenshot on a Nintendo Switch

The Joy-Con cannot be used to take pictures now. The Switch can take screenshots, however. It can also take screenshots from the menu system while playing. Tap the left Joy-Con's camera button to take a screenshot.

How to View Your Photos on the Nintendo Switch

The screenshots you have taken can be viewed by following:

·       Locate the circle icons near the bottom of the home screen.

·       You can now select the Album icon.

·       Your screenshots can be viewed, deleted, or filtered from here. Also, if your Switch account is linked to Twitter or Facebook, you can post them there.

Can You View Outside Photos on a Nintendo Switch?

For those of you who are adventurous, you can also use the Switch to browse your photos. The MicroSD card slot can be found under the kickstand on the back of the console.

Switch users can use microSD cards to download games and to offload screenshots. The reason for this limitation isn't clear, but it is there, nonetheless.

By default, nothing other than screenshots of the Switch will be shown on the Switch. Nintendo's screenshot system will not be fooled by renaming a JPG to its custom screenshot format. The Switch, however, can read images that have been tweaked by a software tool.

New Switch accessories teased by Nintendo

Now that we know more about the Nintendo Switch, we don't just call it a hybrid console anymore. It has a built-in IR camera that will be useful going forward. It can take screenshots and snap photos.

Additionally, it has numerous add-ons, including a Nintendo Labo kit and gaming wheels. Nintendo doesn't seem to be done with add-ons just yet. In recent days, the company released a trailer with the tagline "a new experience" for the Switch.

There was no information on what this new experience would involve, leaving fans guessing. There appear to be two parts to this new accessory. One Joy-Con can be inserted in a flexible ring, and it includes additional handles that resemble controllers.

Secondly, the other Joy-Con fits into the leg strap. For now, it is difficult to tell exactly what it is, but judging by the fitness uses, it appears to be a motion controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is there a camera on the Nintendo Switch Lite?

Switch Lite only supports 720p. With the best Switch games available, you can easily host game nights with friends or family.

Infrared cameras add to the rumble functionality of these controllers. Neither Rumble nor a camera is available on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

What is the Nintendo Switch camera bottom of the screen?

As reported by Nintendo Life, it appears to be a sensor for setting the brightness of the system automatically. With the feature on, the Switch will adjust its brightness level based on the brightness of the surrounding area.

What is the purpose of the Nintendo Switch's camera?

Infra-red technology makes it capable of detecting heat, as well as transmitting a live feed to the Switch of any heat sources it detects. It is therefore not your typical camera. It can only interact with whatever Nintendo creates for it.


As a result, there is a camera on the Nintendo Switch, of a very specific type, for a very specific use. There are no conventional cameras on the Nintendo Switch. That's probably fine with the majority of people.

There is a good chance that most Switch owners have smartphones with better cameras than those Nintendo might install on the console.

Cost is also an issue to be considered. Nintendo would have had to increase the price of the console if they added a camera, even one with modest specs. The price would have been too high.