What is an electronic check? 12+ Sites that accept eChecks!

An eCheck is a paperless electronic counterpart of a check and now, there are many sites that accept eChecks. Electronic transfers use the ACH network to move money from the payer's checking account and deposit it immediately into the seller's account.

What is an electronic check? 12+ Sites that accept eChecks!

An eCheck is a paperless electronic counterpart of a check and now, many sites accept eChecks. Electronic transfers use the ACH network to move money from the payer's checking account and deposit it immediately into the seller's account.

Turning in a paper check results in an electronic transfer as well, because the process of converting the paper check into an electronic transfer depends on the information present on the paper check.

Combining security, speed, and processing efficiency with the infrastructure and processes associated with paper checks makes electronic checks almost as secure and efficient as their paper counterparts. Using a check enables you to obtain funds quickly and at a lower cost.

It is sometimes referred to as an electronic check, ACH payment, ACH transfer, or direct debit.

Processing the payment electronically using the ACH network is made possible by processing checks on the ACH network.

How eCheck works?

Would you want to know how an eCheck works and which sites accept eCheck? Actually, it's fairly easy. Electronic check processing is the procedure by which you use an internet interface to submit a customer's routing and account number (the numbers imprinted on a paper check) for payment.

Here's how E-check works.

You won't need pricey scanners or other hardware, since PaySimple provides an easy eCheck payment function that requires no bank account information.

Instead of running a separate check for each transaction, you may have your bank send you an automatic email receipt, cutting out the rest of the process around paper invoices, paper checks, account reconciliation, and travels to the bank.

Sites that accept eChecks

Sites that accept eCheck

1. Amazon

Amazon is amongst the sites that accept checks.

See the list of approved payment methods: eCheck (bank transfer)

The following are instructions for a check/eCheck payment: Select "add a checking account" while at the "Shipping & Payment" step of the checkout process. This will prompt you to provide your routing number, account number, name, address, and either a driver's license or state ID number.

2. Appliances Connection

Verify acceptable types: Physical verification, eCheck (PayPal)

You may pay by check or personal check by selecting PayPal as your payment method at checkout or by calling (800) 299-9470 to process a payment by check. Until the funds clear (which can take up to a week), orders will be sent.

3. B&H

Verify which sorts of checks are accepted: Physical checks, eCheck (PayPal)

When you pay by check, PayPal is a good option. You may do it either by checking out through PayPal or by calling B&H's customer care phone line at (800) 952-3386.

B&H will construct a quotation for you and offer directions on how to include the quotation number on the check, which they will then ship to you. This will allow them to find the payment when processing the transaction.

Sites that accept eChecks

4. Brandy Melville

Check the form of payment accepted: PayPal (bank transfer or cash only)

To make a check/ECheck payment, see our linked research.

5. Cabela’s

Ensure the types of transactions you accept are Physical Check or eCheck.

To set up an electronic check payment, call Cabela's customer care at (800) 237-4444, or submit your purchase to Cabela's with a paper check to Cabela's PO Box 559860.

6. Eastbay

A physical check will be performed.

Our post explains how to pay by PayPal or by check using Eastbay.

7. eBay

Acceptable payment types: A physical check, a PayPal eCheck.

Personal checks vary by the seller; after placing a successful bid on an auction item or completing your checkout for fixed-price products, check out to see whether the seller has offered personal checks as a payment option.

8. Milanoo

Please make sure the kinds of payment permitted are: eCheck (PayPal or bank transfer).

Discovering how to pay by check or eCheck utilizing PayPal or a bank transfer is presented by our linked research.

9. Oriental Trading

Acceptable transaction types: Physical, eCheck (PayPal)

How to pay by check: Go to PayPal during checkout, print off the Oriental Trading purchase form, fill it out and mail it into them (along with your check).

Please note that your cheque must be postmarked with your current address. You should include your physical address on the check as well, in the case when it is printed on the box.

Oriental Trading will charge you $20 to return your check if your payment is returned for insufficient funds.

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10. QVC

Only physical checks, eCheck (PayPal) are accepted.

To pay by check, use the “PayPal” or “check/money order” option during checkout. On the final screen, choose “place order” instead.

You may check out once you've placed your order online; QVC will then send you an address to ship your check, as well as an order number.

To pay by check, you must check out using your password. If QVC does not receive the payment check within ten days, the order will be canceled.

Sites that accept eChecks

11. Vistaprint

The physical check and PayPal's eCheck are the only two options accepted.

You can pick “PayPal” or “mail a paper check” on the payments page, and your order will process and ship after the check clears. Put your order number on the cheque, and send it to Vistaprint Netherlands B.V.

12. Walmart

Make sure that only physical checks are accepted, as eCheck (PayPal) are not accepted.

If you're buying using a check or eCheck, you may choose PayPal as your payment method at checkout or utilize the Pay With Cash program.

If you are purchasing items from the online checkout page and choose “Pay with Cash,” be sure to pay in person at your local Walmart instead of mailing a personal check. Once payment is received at the register, the order will ship. Since some items are only accepted as payment in cash, be aware of that if you want to use this option.

13. Wayfair

A form must include a physical check, an eCheck, or PayPal.

You may pay with PayPal or get a quote by checking out with PayPal. You may place your purchase and select the 'Pay by Check or Bank Transfer' option after you receive a quote. Customers have their checks held for 15 days after receipt, as checks sometimes take a day or two to clear.