Web positioning: why is it important?

Web positioning: why is it important?
web positioning

Each time it becomes more necessary to look for ways to keep a business working by using the internet. Proof of this is the constant transformation of the strategies used for SEO positioning in search engines like Google and Bing.

Although now we spend more time on social media, maintaining a website is still a way to support a business. Therefore, the aim is to follow a series of actions that allow us to easily find that website in the first search results.

On this occasion, we will talk about the principal strategies of positioning and how the implementation of SEO will allow you to define your target audience according to the type of business that you have.

What is SEO?

First, we need to learn the meaning of SEO, this acronym means Search Engine Optimization, and its principal goal is to make a business the best known in the digital world.

This technique is based on the behavior of internet users, because it is common that when we do a search on Google, we tend to click on those pages that are in the first place and that provide us quicker and shorter information.

There are some alternatives to achieve this goal, in some cases you can consider investing financially for positioning your website. However, SEO proposes to achieve it organically, because it focuses on the creation of valuable content and optimal strategies.

It doesn’t matter the line of business or enterprise you have, the web positioning is something you need to start considering. It can be from a restaurant to a customs agency in Mexico.

Main strategies for web positioning

The creation of a website, a post and the implementation of SEO strategies also requires planning, redaction, publication and content following processes, this will ensure a better positioning and user experience.

1.- Planning

There must be established clear and realistic objectives, so that the effectiveness of the strategy can be measured and corroborated; set up a buyer, which implies delimiting the target audience and knowing the recommended keywords according to your line of business.

For example, if you provide importation and exportations services you may want to be searched on Google with keywords such as custom agency in Manzanillo or custom agency in Nuevo Laredo.

2.- Redaction

The content needs to be useful, functional and creative to provide unique value, from the theme to the redaction details: a creative and concise title, an attractive meta description, link personalization, keywords with links, recent date, icon or favicon.

Following the example, you can offer valuable content with topics such as the main importations and exportations in Mexico or how hiring a customs agency in Mexico helps you.

3.- Publication

Once you have the content it is time to publish it, you must take care of the loading speed of the web page and images, use your own links, improve the visual experience to create engagement and adapt the information to the look and intention of your business.

4.- Following

Finally, it is important to make a follow-up and maintenance of the content to fix broken links and stay updated, analyze and measure the SEO strategy, for these, there are free tools that can help you, for example, Google Search Console.

SEO strategy to define your target

The implementation of SEO strategies will not achieve their goal without first paying attention to your target or the definition of the buyer according to the business. You must focus on this to develop a fictional representation of whom it is directed.

1.- Demographic data

Getting to know the target variables is important because we use that data in our favor, we are referring to age, sex, education, profession and marital status, among others. For example, knowing the different jobs of our target to determine which keywords they use and integrate them into your website.

Therefore, each company needs to adopt these strategies in different ways. In the case of a customs agency in Mexico, they need to focus on a target with jobs within industries that may import or export products.

2.- Identify the FAQs of your buyer

To provide valuable content it is necessary to know what your client is asking for, which are their FAQs. An example can be the functions and services of a customs agency, therefore the user will have the information they need just with a few clicks.

This data is inferred from popular topics, social news and those specialized in your theme. Continuing with the case of a customs agency in Mexico, they will know that their users seek information about the implications of making an import of merchandise through aircraft, for example.

3.- Define the communication media that are more consulted

As we mentioned before, we spend more time on social media, without undermining the necessity of a website. Therefore, to improve the accessibility of the site and create interest in the user, it is imperative that the visual appearance is optimal.

As a customs agency in Mexico, you must organize your services in a way that the user can access them with just a few clicks. An easy way to reach a customs agency is by their location, services, contacts, news and industries.

We recommend staying tuned to our publications to learn more about the topic and how it is possible to use SEO positioning and its strategies in your favor. Share this content with someone who might need it.