Warcraft Raid Tips - Uses Vuhdo for raid Healing

Vuhdo is a raid frame replacement specifically designed for high-end guild raid healing needs. You can cast, dispel, heal, focus or target raid members with only one simple click.

Warcraft Raid Tips - Uses Vuhdo for raid Healing

Vuhdo is a raid frame replacement specifically designed for high-end guild raid healing needs. You can cast, dispel, heal, focus or target raid members with only one simple click.

You can find almost any useful item, spell, or macro with just one click. What's more, you can do this while standing up or sitting down. How's that for comfort and flexibility?

Vuhdo provides a number of useful raid functionalities like guild-colored frames, guild frames, auto-cast healer spells, auto-cast restoration spells, macros, and much more. With video, you won't ever have to worry about accidentally clicking the wrong button, or ending up with a broken character added.

This is because everything is bound to one hotkey, which is bound to a timer. There are also no extra buttons because everything is controlled by dedicated, clickable raid buttons.

For example, when you need to macro an instance wipe, just select a wipe and a macro will be automatically created with all the appropriate functions needed.

A Good example

A good example of a beneficial vuhdo spell or ability is the vuhdo PvP spell "Barrage". Barrage will instantly apply two powerful melee debuffs on every enemy you'll hit, regardless of their location on the map.

For a small fee, your raid members will have an endless supply of shields, bleeds, and other damage absorption buffs. And these buffs last for up to 12 seconds. With this spell, you can easily take down entire waves of enemy casters with very little difficulty.

Another useful vuhdo spell is the vuhdo PvP spell "Beguet". This ability is basically a long-range snare/debuff targeting spell that targets enemy players and inflicts them with burning DOTs every second for up to 5 seconds. You can place the bouquet at a strategic location that will cause maximum damage.

The downside to this spell is that enemy players may very well avoid getting the damaging effects of your bouquet. If you find yourself in a sticky situation where you must burst someone down, be careful not to let your anger get the better of you.

Available Spells in Vuhdo

Some of the spells available in the video World of Warcraft expansion are great for gaining stamina. Vicious Grip and Overwhelming Surge provide quick boosts to stamina that are almost instant while still maintaining decent control.

Some of these spells can even be used while on the ground, although they don't generate any additional aggro or have an extremely high priority.

There are other ways to boost your stamina levels without using up any or taking up too much time, though. One such way is through the use of vuhdo "grasping vines" which place a number of grasping vines that slowly, but surely start to eat away at any lower level raid members' health.

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Powerful ability

An incredibly powerful ability available in the vuhdo raid tool is the custom debug system. With a simple cast, the caster is able to place custom debuffs on multiple target players, inflicting Slow and Interruptible Debuffs which can easily break down larger groups of players in a short amount of time.

There are a number of different vuhdo debug custom spells, which can easily be customized by the type of enemy you want to inflict with Slow and Interruptible Debuffs. Some of these spells have the capability to do more than just Slow and Interruptible Debuffs, however.

For example, one spell can cause a massive burst of damage to every enemy in a large radius, while another can cause a huge amount of movement reduction for just standing still or moving very slowly.

Popular Features


One of the most popular features of the vuhdo system, which also works very well with both solo play and Raids is the auto-healing module.

This makes the entire raid healing process extremely smooth, as well as allows the tanks to effectively and quickly heal themselves and everyone else in their raid while everyone else heals up. In fact, some of the spells even work together to greatly increase the overall healing effect of the raid.

These functions make vuhdo an extremely flexible raid frame that can be adapted to either raid setups with a small number of people, or to raids where the numbers are much larger.

Famous character in WarCraft

Mana is essential when it comes to Healers since health is riches. Life and death, and the difference between them, is often determined by the availability of Mana for a vital heal.

This basically means that healers should make the most of their ability to regenerate Mana using unique skills and class features. Additionally, Healers should know which heals perform well while being balanced in regards to the amount of Mana they use, casting duration, and cooldown (CD).

Throughout instance, Renewing Mist from a Mistweaver Monk is an excellent healing-over-time (HOT) with a cheap mana cost, especially useful for the majority of an instance.

While Atonement is not recommended for Discipline Priests, it does provide a moderate amount of damage mitigation due to the ability to turn half of any rapid incoming damage into healing. Holy Paladins also have power boosts with a short cooldown duration such as Lay on Hands and Divine Shield.


The vuhdo allows the caster to use their own spells and abilities to deal with their own "healing" needs. When a player is in combat and needs to leech health back up, the caster has a number of options.

They can simply stand still and allow the enemy to heal themselves, they can cast a spell that heals everyone, or they can use a built-in "heal" module.

Because the healing spells are usually applied by mouse clicks, this system can be extremely handy for both healing yourself and keeping the raid's overall health up.

There are also a number of different healing spells available that don't require any mouse clicks and which do significantly more damage than normal casters at lower levels. These are excellent for when you have multiple enemies to heal and only need a small amount of extra help overall.