Understanding Filemaker and its benefits for businesses

FileMaker is an app development platform helping most professionals and businesses make custom apps. Companies can make the apps they need and be able to target issues specific to them.

Understanding Filemaker and its benefits for businesses
Understanding Filemaker

Businesses invest a lot of money in software, especially those which improve processes and raise productivity. The global expenditure of technology budgets on enterprise software has reached around USD$ 670 billion this year.

Is such an expenditure a good one?

Experts believe so as 64% of corporate leaders reveal that investments in technology have already led to gains in productivity.

The problem lies in the fact that most small and medium-sized businesses do not have the finances to make a customized software solution. They need to rely on more custom solutions to tackle challenges quickly and accurately which are unique to their circumstances

Let us now see how good FileMaker is and how small & medium businesses can be helped.

FileMaker - what is it and what it does do?

FileMaker is an app development platform helping most professionals and businesses make custom apps.  Using the forms made by themselves along with the spreadsheet can help them import data to the platform easily and also have all the information read on a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate visual interface.

FileMaker helps users create their own apps without any need for knowledge in coding. Any company wishing to make more advanced apps can hire professional developers to collaborate with them on the platform. In either way, the platform is well-suited for businesses looking for ways to accommodate users.

Here are some versions of FileMaker:

  • FileMaker Pro: Making and accessing custom apps on computers.
  • FileMaker Go: Accessing FileMaker apps on mobile devices (phones and tablets).
  • FileMaker WebDirect: Gaining access to FileMaker apps on browsers on all devices.
  • FileMaker Server: Sharing FileMaker apps to users who are locally connected.
  • FileMaker Cloud: Sharing apps to users through its cloud.

Key features of FileMaker

Here are some worthwhile features of FileMaker:

Beginner apps

FileMaker has a set of pre-built apps with key functionalities like content management, scheduling meetings, organizing contacts and other tasks. New users can quickly start with these apps and can customize brochures templates as per their needs if they have the experience to do so.

It utilizes a drag-and-drop design

Users can easily mix and match parts to create apps without any coding experience. Images, charts, maps and calendars can be dragged and dropped onto a screen.

It allows third-party integrations seamlessly

Community-made and built-in plugins and integrations make FileMaker a flexible platform. It also integrates well with third-party integrations. The app can be easily connected to apps like Adobe Reader, Amazon Marketplace, Office 365, WordPress and the like.

The platform itself is the industry standard for custom app builders

Apple’s subsidiary Claris made FileMaker. It undergoes stringent quality assurance processes to ensure it meets high standards. It is globally certified for protecting data and InfoSec management.

How can FileMaker benefit businesses and organizations alike?

It is not hard to list all the great things FileMaker can do when it comes to developing a custom app. Let us actually see what it can do for numerous businesses and organizations alike. 

Provision of quick and cost-optimized custom app solutions

Custom software development can be quite strenuous. Purchasing or licensing enterprise software of the highest order is not possible for most businesses due to a lack of expertise and bandwidth consumption. 

This is where FileMaker comes in because it is cost optimized. Companies can hence make the apps they need and be able to target issues specific to them. Its user-friendly interface allows everyone to use and manage apps made on it properly and easily.

It helps automate easy processes

Having employees conduct data entry and collation might seem to be not as expensive as perceived but a staggering amount of money is lost in productivity due to repetitive tasks. If employees are stuck doing mediocre chores then they will lose out on productive work.

This is where FileMaker comes in handy. It provides businesses with a worthwhile avenue for automating whole sequences of apps. A system can be hence set up for recording key information which can hence feed it into a database for generating detailed reports.

Provision of Robust and Extensive support

Workplaces have evolved quite quickly. Days of being limited to desktop computers are long gone now. With mobile devices facilitating a lot of work and internet access for this thing is key.

This is where FileMaker comes in quite handy. It provides comprehensive support across all relevant devices (laptops, tablets, phones) as well as support for cloud-hosting and other onsite tasks too. This helps in the reconciliation of offline data once connections have been established to help continue business as usual.

Can web design companies make use of FileMaker?

FileMaker can be quite handy for web design company Dubai. They can help automate repetitive and redundant tasks using those custom apps and even try automating some low-level web design tasks through a custom app made on FileMaker.

At times viewing different web design patterns saved as files can be quite difficult if the main software for viewing those files becomes corrupted. Moreover, web designers need a much more streamlined means of being able to view those files. 

FileMaker is not just any app-making platform as it has helped many employees in the web design industry make solutions that are not only easily integrable into numerous platforms but also have helped them streamline their work.


Internal operation issues usually need resolution. Custom-built apps quicker, intuitive and user friendly are cost-effective and are also much easy to manage. FileMaker does just that as it helps streamline processes to raise productivity.