The Best 60 percent Keyboards in 2022

A revolution in computer technology has been competitive gaming. From internal computer hardware to attached peripherals, engineers have spent countless hours optimizing everything. The best 60 percent keyboard is also the product of improvisation.

The Best 60 percent Keyboards in 2022

A revolution in computer technology has been competitive gaming. From internal computer hardware to attached peripherals, engineers have spent countless hours optimizing everything. The best 60 percent keyboard is also the product of improvisation.

Historically, small keyboards and keyboards 60 percent have been popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, but streamers and esports pros have helped make smaller keyboards popular.

These small gaming keyboards are made to allow gaming companies to reclaim desk space for their clients and have an ergonomic keyboard on hand for typists who want something portable and lightweight. Although you may not be part of the traditional target audience, this expanding category may be of interest to you.

Gamers can control peripherals more accurately and play for a longer period with the aid of peripherals. The 60% mechanical keyboard might not be known outside the gaming community, but it has gained a massive following in recent years.

To enhance the functionality of their products, manufacturers have come up with various marketing strategies. So, in this article, we will discuss the best 60 percent mechanical keyboards.

Razer Huntsman gaming keyboard

Best 60 percent Keyboards

According to our research and customer reviews, Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard is the best 60 percent keyboard. It comes with one of the best 60 percent keyboards layouts. The Huntsman mini lives up to Razer's legendary reputation as a gaming peripheral.

The laser-based actuation of this keyboard enables faster key registration than mechanical ones, according to Razer. There are 61 keys on this keyboard. Huntsman allows you to feel when the key is activated, so you can shoot more accurately.


  • Quick and comfortable


  • Prices are high

Gaming Keyboard GM610 from Newmen

Best 60 percent Keyboards

Don't know whether you want a wired or wireless connection keyboard? There is both a C-USB cable and a Bluetooth interface on the GM610.

You can also switch between up to three devices while connected to the wireless mode. In addition to this, the keyboard comes with a total of 61 keys.

A total of 20 lighting effects are available on the keyboard. The keyboard also includes a backup set of different colored keycaps, just in case you need to switch things up. 


  • Multiple connectivity options 
  • Multiple lighting options

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, HyperX Alloy Origins 60

Best 60 percent Keyboards

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 provides users with more space to sweep the mouse with this highly portable 60% keyboard.

HyperX switches are rated for 80 million keystrokes, and the aluminum body lasts for years. With the stock double shot PBT keycaps, you can look up secondary functions quickly and easily.

The exposed LED design and stunning lighting effects of the HyperX switches will enhance your style. The HyperX INGENUITY software lets you create macros and lighting profiles for your keyboard.

Ducky One 2 Mini and Mecha Mini

Best 60 percent Keyboards

One of the first 60% keyboards was the Ducky One 2 Mini. There are many reasons why Ducky boards are so well-respected, from their excellent PCBs and plates to their great stabilizers, and their solid construction giving them a distinct advantage over mainstream keyboards.

The Mecha Mini takes this one step further by replacing the original mini's plastic cover with a metal case that adds extra weight and durability.

Their keycaps are also designed with quality in mind. Using full PBT double-shot keycaps won't result in a shiny mess.

As well as the full PBT keys, you also have the option of choosing a keycap set for the bottom row. Also included is a detachable USB-C port and cable for the Ducky One 2 Mini and Mecha Mini.

Although the Ducky supports onboard programming, it must be done through the keyboard itself, so it's a little cumbersome if you're looking for a highly customized key layout.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Programmable without software
  • With multiple layers PBT keycaps
  • Clean, gorgeous design


  • Pricey Software does not support keymapping

Keyboard Kraken 60 BRED Edition RGB

Best 60 percent Keyboards

Kraken's keys depress faster due to optical and mechanical switches. There's no doubt in my mind that this keyboard is fast. Red and black colors dominate this design.

Lighting can also be customized. It comes with 60 keycaps and is wired. Despite being mostly made of plastic; this model is durable and should last a long time.


  • Optimum typing speed
  • The color scheme is bold

Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Royal Kludge RK61

Best 60 percent Keyboards

In contrast to most keyboards in this category, the RK61's black or white frame presents a more elegant design.

There is no RGB multicolor on the RK61, only a single LED backlight, and it can be adjusted in brightness. There are 61 keycaps in total. It is easy to switch between three different devices when using this keyboard in wireless mode.


  • Aim not to be too flashy 
  • Switching devices is possible


  • The keyboard feels less sturdy than others
  • Backlighting is limited to a single LED

Anne Pro 2

Best 60 percent Keyboards

With its 60% keystrokes, the Anne Pro 2 provides a solid keyboard that may be the right choice for your desk if you want to avoid messy cables.

As it does not have an input lag-free wireless mode, we do not recommend it for competitive gaming; fortunately, it has an input lag-free wired mode.

In addition to the solid build quality and excellent stabilizers, the Anne Pro 2 also offers good typing performance. Considering the Anne Pro 2's price point, the value is unmatched.

As you can map keys and layers on the Anne Pro 2 software, being able to change the 60% layout based on your preferences makes the software far more useful than we initially thought.

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  • Pros Customized software that is amazing
  • Good stabs
  • Excellent switch options
  • PBT keycaps with a double shot
  • Wireless connectivity


  • When powering down in wireless mode, backlight settings are lost
  • Strange one-sided USB-C cable
  • Can be unreliable when it comes to wireless connectivity
  • Its RGB quality is inconsistent

Specifications to Consider

It's up to you to decide which kind of switch you prefer as 60 percent of keyboards are mechanical. There's nothing wrong with changing switches, but different types provide different typing experiences.

Consider your reasons for wanting a smaller keyboard first. Gaming keyboards commonly use linear switches, which are sometimes known as "Red" switches. For document typing, linear switches are too sensitive but are useful for gaming when speed counts.

Most 60 percent of keyboards use a wired connection, meaning smaller devices take up less space on your desk but create more clutter.

Wired connections are considered more reliable and faster for gaming applications. The Newmen GM610, for example, is a wireless keyboard, so it can be cord-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many keys are on a 60 keyboard?

Standard full-size keyboards have 104 keys. Therefore, a keyboard that has 60 percent of its keys should have 62 keys, a keyboard that has 65 percent of its keys should have 67 or 68 keys. Manufacturers tend to fudge their numbers and key counts a little bit.

Do 60% of keyboards have all keys?

It makes perfect sense that there are no arrow keys, F-row, or navigation clusters on the pure 60% form factor. Access to these functions is available, but they are not exclusive.

What 60% keyboard has the fastest switches?

It is considered the fastest keyboard switch and has a shorter travel distance. The Cherry MX Speed Silver switch is designed specifically for gaming, making it ideal for gamers.


This was all about the best 60 percent keyboards available in the market. The keyboards mentioned in the above list are selected after extensive research and feedback from Gamers. We hope so you will find the best 60 percent keyboard after reading this article.