How to lower ping and ultimately reduce lag in video games

For those who play an online game, the question of how to lower ping times is inevitable. How long should one be offline in order to achieve the desired PING?

How to lower ping and ultimately reduce lag in video games

For those who play an online game, the question of how to lower ping times is inevitable. How long should one be offline in order to achieve the desired PING?

It will depend on what you are playing and the type of game. For example, if you are into a first-person shooter game like Counter-Strike, you will not want to go offline for very long.

When your internet service provider offers low bandwidth for gaming, the problem with low ping becomes obvious. Bandwidth has become quite precious these days and it is used up fast when dealing with games that have a lot of action.

If the player is not fast, the game will take a long time to play out and the overall score will decrease. A lot of people do not realize this but even with a good internet connection, high latency will reduce the enjoyment factor. This is because the graphics will not be as crisp and the voice communication will have trouble picking up.

Have a speed test

If you have already tried a few gaming sites, you may want to consider a speed test comparison before playing on any site. This will help you test the connection that you have. There are several ways to test a connection and you can do it online or offline.

A speed test will measure how fast the connection is to determine if it has higher latencies than others. Latencies are measured in hertz.

If your connection is measured at 35 hertz, it is considered to be a medium latency. High latency is measured at greater hertz and is indicated by the letters AKA. You may want to find server centers that have higher latencies so that you do not waste bandwidth and have great PING.

Upgrade your internet connection

If you have been playing games for a while and your PING is getting a little old, you may want to try to upgrade your internet connection.

Oftentimes, your connection will be outdated if you have been playing the same games for a long period of time. Upgrading your connection will get rid of your ping problems.

If you cannot upgrade, you can purchase a router that supports wireless routers. You should also check your hardware and software. It is possible that some of the components are not properly functioning.

If you use a wired connection, there are a couple of things that you can do to improve your ping. First, you should set your router up for automatic forwarding.

Your router will forward the request for information from your computer to the correct location. If you do not have this setting enabled, your request will go through the operation and will waste bandwidth.

If you do not want to change your hardware or software, you can also take advantage of a program called LivePure.

This program will prevent your computer from sending the request for information from your computer to the server to avoid congestion. This will greatly improve your online games. To fix the high ping problem, you should download LivePure and install it on your computer.

Configure the setting

Most of the time, you do not have much control over the setting for your internet connection. However, there are a few things that you can do at home to help reduce your high ping. For example, you can configure your settings so that your server centers do not ping you as much.

Some gamers make the mistake of thinking that the servers are deliberately picking up their bandwidth in order to annoy them. If you are using a game server and it is picking up your bandwidth without your permission, then you need to take action.

Most game servers will tell you if they are picking up your bandwidth. If you see this, you should disable the connection right away. There are many instructions on how to lower your high ping using various methods.

For example, you can adjust your internet settings so that the game servers that are picking up your bandwidth do not send the request to your router.

How to lower ping

You should also be careful with your internet connection. If you frequently download large files, you should enable advanced options so that your computer does not have to spend extra bandwidth downloading the file.

There are also a variety of web browsers that allow you to turn off the networking options in order to reduce the number of times that you get an error message about a missing file or another issue.

You can also do a free search on the internet to find ways to improve your internet connection and lower your ping time.

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Check the application requirements

Before you begin, make sure your hard disc is ready for the game. You may most likely have latency difficulties if the two do not match. Upgrade the RAM (memory) and graphics card if you can afford it.

In order to prevent the game from having to search and adapt to older versions, always keep your drivers current.

Quit using Wi-Fi

An Internet connection that is hardwired results in eliminating one additional step in the data transfer process, as well as eliminating any potential wireless dead spots in your house.

Connecting to the Internet with a cable alone should greatly increase game performance. Make the most of your purchase by getting the best router you can afford. Gamers now have an almost unlimited array of PC hardware to choose from.


A good method on how to lower ping times is to minimize the amount of time you spend playing online games. Playing a high bandwidth game will obviously affect your overall performance.

You should try to minimize the amount of time that you are idle in the game in order to maximize your ability to get a better connection.

If you need to play for an hour or two to get ready for work, then you should be able to play a couple of low-bandwidth games to get over your inevitable lag time.