Here are the Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Digital Marketing in the current era is growing. people began to learn and switch from conventional to digital. 

Here are the Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Digital Marketing in the current era is growing. people began to learn and switch from conventional to digital. 

Especially in this new normal era, ev2020eryone is forced to do everything online & digitally, therefore we must understand what are the digital marketing trends every year so that they are not consumed by the times and stay updated on the latest developments in digital marketing.

Every year the marketing trend is always changing, especially in 2021 it seems that the digital marketing agency is experiencing very rapid development. 

As a business owner, you certainly need to understand developments or marketing trends so that the business you are running can continue to survive and thrive.

Following the times, changes in marketing trends are increasingly significant when various technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are increasingly being applied to marketing strategies.

If you notice the use of AI in marketing products or brands is increasing. Then in 2021, what are the digital marketing trends that marketers will probably use a lot.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 in Indonesia

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It seems that the use of AI is still the prima donna for most marketers today. In fact, according to the Gartner research institute, they have predicted that in 2021 AI technology will be increasingly used, especially in software products. 

Right now, at least marketers have used AU to adjust the ads that will be displayed on the target market online.

In addition, AI is also often used to analyze consumer behavior and habits so that they can find the best patterns. Not only that, AI can also be used to collect data on various social media platforms and blog uploads. Later that data can be used to help business owners know how consumers can find their products and services.

2. Ad Personalization

Still related to AI technology, advertising personalization is now also starting to become a marketing trend that you can apply through the use of customer analysis results. 

Apart from the website, you can also analyze the data that you can get from the results of showing video ads or content that you share on various social media platforms.

The increasing number of marketers who use AI technology makes customers need a more human approach. 

Even based on a survey conducted by Epsilon said that most internet users with an age range of 18-64 years admit that a personal approach is much more attractive to them.

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3. Influencers

Influencers are people who are able to convey the message the brand is sending to its followers

The chosen influencers usually have the same niche as the brand that wants to advertise. 

For example, if you have a business that is engaged in fashion, then you can choose influencers who often discuss beauty and fashion tutorials.

The reason why you need to use influencers to improve your brand and target market is that influencers are a growing trend in marketing. In addition, the approach you take also feels more personal to the target. Because you are offering to potential customers.

4. Content Marketing

Various websites are currently vying to improve the content they create in order to get the top position in Google search results. Until 2021, it turns out that content that dominates SEO is still a marketing trend that is still widely used.

Don't miss it, you also have to apply this strategy to your business.

Content marketing is very useful to increase awareness for the audience of internet users. In addition, good marketing content will also help you improve your brand and the business you run. In addition to content, a quality website is also very much needed to boost content in order to get the best position in search engines.

5. Stories on social media

You must be familiar with the Stories feature on various social media. At first, this feature was only available for the Snapchat application, then Instagram also launched the “Instagram Stories” feature and was also followed by other social media such as Facebook, Skype, and YouTube.

You can take advantage of this feature to give a touch of Fear of Missing Out to your target audience.

Because the content uploaded to stories can only last for 24 hours or temporarily. So, your business's social media followers must be quick to get the information they need about your business. 

You can use this kind of feature to increase awarenessengagement, and website traffic without spending any money.

That's the discussion about digital marketing trends in 2021. Even though marketing trends change every year, it doesn't mean the marketing trends in the previous year are no longer effective. However, you must still adjust the marketing strategy that is used with the business you are running.

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6. Digital Advertising (Digital Advertising)

The development of the era, social media, websites, platforms. digital advertising, digital advertising / online advertising will be the best choice for business people/entrepreneurs in marketing their products or brands. 

Because digital advertising has the ability to target specific and relevant audiences, both in terms of interests, demographics, age, and location.

Not only that, digital advertising now has the ability to measure advertising results transparently, such as google ads, Facebook & Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and many more. 

Therefore, the demand for digital advertising is becoming increasingly widespread because of the results that have been felt by many business people.

7. Video Marketing

Video marketing is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy.
We’re living in a world where video helps businesses connect with their current customers, build relationships with prospects, build their reputation in your sector or industry and most importantly help the potential customers understand the product very closely and clearly.
That said, video marketing is always evolving, so you want to ensure that your business is on top of the latest trends and tactics.
As videos help to explain to your consumers how to use your product, what it can accomplish for them, and help them visualize themselves using it. As a result, you will receive fewer support requests.
So try to generate high-quality videos for your consumers to better understand product information and usage. For this, you can use an online video editor to make videos by adding music, transitions, effects, and text to make the video content more engaging and help your consumer better understand the product.