Dark Secrets You Willing to Learn About Marianas web

As per the legend, Marianas web appeared from the deepest part of the ocean, Marianas Trench. It is the deepest part of the web. Marianas trench is considered to be the deepest trench in the world, with a depth of 7 miles approximately.

Dark Secrets You Willing to Learn About Marianas web

As per the legend, Marianas web appeared from the deepest part of the ocean, Marianas Trench. It is the deepest part of the web. Marianas trench is considered to be the deepest trench in the world, with a depth of 7 miles approximately.

Most of its part still remains unknown, and several scientists are trying to uncover the truth behind what resides in its dark depth. On the other hand, Marianas web is known to have the darkest secrets that humanity has in its history, and thus it is named after the trench. 

Nowadays, the internet is used in everything. From finding the nearby restaurants, ordering favourite foods to find things to get entertained or flight timings, the use of the internet has grown rapidly. These are called surfaces. 

Surface Web, which is known to have only 4% of the information on the internet. There is much more on the internet about which we have no idea, and we do not even bother to check.

More importantly, we cannot access them as we can access the surface web. The Internet has multiple layers. We are allowed to access mostly the first layer, which is called Surface Web.

After that comes Bergie web, Deep web, Charter Web and then Mariana's web. Today in this blog, I am going to discuss Marianas web.

What is Marianas web?

The Marianas Web may sound like a myth, but believe me when I say that it really exists. This layer of the web consist most powerful secrets of the powerful agencies. It is deeper, darker and most dangerous part than the deep web.

Here you will find even the most disturbing websites. Many people say that its hosts contain secret data of the agencies and the government. Although I did not find any proof of that, I did come across the following rumours:

Rumour 1: It is a fabricated invention

Some hackers claim under cover of anonymity that the reason for them inventing Marianas web was because the FBI was blackmailing them.

They further claimed that the FBI asked them to create a distraction to divert the attention from the shutdown of various black markets on the Dark Web. However, since these claims came from anonymous sources, it is hard to say certainly that they are true.

Rumour 2: The web comprised of closed-shell systems

Closed Shell System has to be the most interesting or fascinating concept with the discussion of Marianas web. There was an assumption that Mariana was the collection of closed-shell systems. Thus, it can only be accessed via a rare LAN Network using Quantum Computer.

Rumour 3: Existence of an Artificial Intelligence

One of the popular rumours will be Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Marianas web. It is said that bots can perceive, feel, and keep an eye on all activities happening on the internet. Some rumours even claim for Marianas web itself learn artificial lntelligence and became more AI it self. However, there is proof of such rumours, 

Rumour 4: Existence of darkest secrets of humankind

On the Surface Web, you can find information on almost everything, but there are dark secrets that you cannot access in any way. As per the rumour, Marianas web contains a digital library of X files.

The information on the location of Atlantis is also supposed to be found there. There is also a chance of it containing an intelligence agency archive database. It is known that Mariana Web is the storehouse of information of such mysteries.

Cicada 3301 is one such mystery that has a puzzle that requires to be solved. The puzzle was known to be created to discover highly intelligent people.

Is it Possible to Get Access to Marianas web?

Accessing Marianas web will not going to be an easy job. Unlike the deep web, Tor cannot be used to visit Marianas web. It is complicated to access Marianas web.

The rumour says that you should calculate the complex algorithm termed the Polymeric Facighol Derivation. However, there is some serious doubt if the algorithm is even real. At the same time, while solving, you will be stuck as it will seem like an impossible task to compute something that does not even exist.

Also, you cannot do the calculation on any computer. You will require a quantum computer which is an entirely new technology and not available to the public.

The reason for the lack of availability is quantum computers need some extreme conditions to function properly. For example, the processor of a D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer can only work in a high vacuum pressure of 10 billion times slower than the earth’s atmosphere.

You are not much in luck unless your home has a climate-controlled room that can maintain environmental conditions like outer space. It only means that selected people working for government entities are only the ones who can access Marianas web.


Marianas web remained a strange unsolved internet mystery. You will not find any solid evidence that proves or disapproves of its existence. 

Depending on the rumour you believe it, it will become the most or the least scary part. But we cannot deny that it makes research on threat intel services even more interesting. It is a mystery that people all around the world still trying to solve. 


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