Advanced Link Wheel – Link Tree

A link wheel is a system of web 2.0 “properties” most commonly free blogs and websites populated with written content, and sometimes video and RSS sites

Advanced Link Wheel – Link Tree

Advanced link wheel

That one is a complex link wheel. The basic one follows a wheel pattern, hence the name. Money site points to Site A points to site B then to site C, etc. then back to your money site.

You can expect the results anywhere between 1 week and up to 1 month. Your search rankings would certainly go up, but it also depends on the difficulty of your keywords.

Advanced Link Wheel does work very well indeed. Linkwheel system is very effective at leveraging “trust” from established authority domains, and the power of RSS feeds extremely well.

The Google Caffeine update is part of a move by Google towards a faster processing system to be able to index and process the real-time web. There is speculation that web 2.0 and social media mentions and RSS are now a larger part of the ranking algorithm, and this seems to work even better with the superior link wheel system.

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Advanced Link Wheel is completely safe to use on any site older than one month from domain registration. The worst that could happen would be that Google simply ignores the inbound links.

You cannot rely on a Linkwheel alone to rank your website. As with every link-building campaign, diversity is key, and if you already have several high-quality links from trusted sites, the link wheel will help even more than if you don’t.

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