A Complete Review on the Gaming Experience of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5

Are you excited about the launch of PS5 Cyberpunk 20777? You will receive a complete review of the gaming experience. Read to find both the good and bad aspects of the game.

A Complete Review on the Gaming Experience of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS5

The most anticipated and awaited game releases of 2020 were Cyberpunk 2077. Unfortunately, it had a rough launch to the point where it even got removed from the PlayStation Store.

 Even before, we have witnessed the downfall of great games at launch just because they were not ready, half-baked, or simply rushed. A few examples of games that were a disaster at launch are No man’s sky, Fallout 76.

Cyberpunk 2077 works quite well on a gaming PC. Now, all we have to discover is its use on the PS5. I am going to share my experience of the game on the PS5.

Thanks to the new console, there is a PS4 version available. I have installed the game on the PS5’s internal SSD, and I will share my experience – the good, the bad, and what annoyed me the most.

The Good

CD Projekt Red which has a stellar reputation for storytelling developed the game 7 years ago. People who have played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will agree that the storyline used in the game was super ending.

The best part of it was the multiple endings that came with numerous choices. What made it even more interesting was that no two playthroughs were the same. You will find the same experience in the story of Cyberpunk 2077.

 I have thoroughly enjoyed the concept of the multiple endings in the game. The opening life will set you to a different entry into Night city.

 Still, eventually, you will end up on the same path of stealing a chip with JohnySliverhand AKA New AKA Keanu’s reeves’ consciousness combining with your own.

This journey will take you into a rabbit hole in a plot that I enjoyed the most. The multiple endings only made me want to go another playthrough of the game.

I was curious to check the walkthrough of other options. So I played different versions of the various options, which opened up to different paths presented in the game.

The video game is filled with side quests and things that will keep you busy for hours before you decide on taking a break from the story.

 From my personal experience, I will recommend you pay attention to the side quests as much as possible. It will not only lead you towards a better ending, but your character will level up faster. 

The sound design of the game deserves special applause and appraisal. F Cyberpunk 2077 is filled with the background sound of a hustling city and a city of rock music.

 The voice acting is unparalleled. Some of the supporting characters in the game deserve special attention. If you have enjoyed the storytelling of the Witcher, you will find those extra delightful.

It may have received criticism for being a first-person game, but I loved watching gun animations most.

 From putting shotgun shells in a shotgun, and reloading a handgun to Kratos recalling the leviathan are in God of War, these animations are unique and sublime.

I do not know about others, but my personal favorite is how JohnySilverhand handled the gun. But I want to leave that to your experience.

Compared with other games, the loading time of the game on the PS5 obviously deserves special mention. Be it the gunplay, the narrative, or even exploring the world, it is overall a joyride. However, it is not all perfect. 

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The Bad

I am afraid not everything in the game was good. There were a few drawbacks that are unsettling. 

We all know about its bugs and glitches, but that is only the beginning of it. The awful part of the game is the HDR and the resolution on the PS5.

Speaking of the resolution, the faces of the characters and the environment went blurry quite a few times. I know this because when I came close to a character, I could see all the details during a cutscene or areas that do not require too many resources from the console.

But then, if you jump into the open world with the same character on a mission, you will find them in a low-resolution avatar, and it just sets your mood off.

 It puts you off not just because the characters look low-res for those 20 minutes but also because you have seen the potential. 

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By default, the HDR is off on the PS5 Cyberpunk 2077 which was not expected since the console always remained in HDR mode by default on compatible TVs.

The image quality gets improved but only slightly when you watch on the HDR mode in the game. It is pretty clear that the HDR is not properly implemented on the PS5 in the game.

There will also be little effect on the game-changing peak brightness in the settings. The black in the game does not look deep, and the highlights do not bring the desired dynamic range. I will recommend playing the game in SDR on the PS5 till the game is fixed. 

The Ugly

Despite all the issues, the game is still playable on the PS5 for people who cannot wait for all fixes. The native PS5 version was coming in 2020.

What really was annoying for me was the bug that I faced at the beginning of the game. As I started the game, I chose the life path of Corpo and started doing side missions as much as I could from the get-go.

Another setback was there was no route to Jackie on the mini-map. With one quick glance at Google Search, the possible solution for the bug was to fast travel a bit, do some side missions and keep regularly checking by choosing the mission from the menu.

But it was of no use as I gave up after 2 hours and then started playing the game from scratch. This time I have selected the path of the Street Kid life path. The mission of the game ran smoothly this time.

 The other problem which made me lose interest in the game completely was that it crashed every hour without fail.

Just travel from one district to the other, wait for a fixer to get in touch, and crash the game. I do not even remember now how many times the gamer has crashed on me.

We’d wait until the free DLC or PS5 version comes out before buying Cyberpunk 2077 again or for the first time. The next-gen upgrade will hopefully be a major facelift, whereas the free DLC will hopefully implement many needed features.

It only costs £39.99 on the PSN store as of writing, and the game is definitely worth the price as it’s not the repulsive hag social media suggests.

 It’s a very good game despite not living up to what was promised, but waiting for the free DLC or next-gen upgrade will get you the best experience.


I would suggest others hold on off a bit longer. Think as if the game has been delayed for another 6 months. I am hoping by then; the game will arrive at the PlayStation Store.

Then, we will get to have a native PS 5 and Xbox series X version. Considering the incredible background score, sounds of the bustling city, and diversity in weapons, I am looking forward to seeing what developers have in store for the adaptive triggers and 3D audio of the PS5.

Until then, I can say that Cyberpunk 2077 is not as breathtaking as promised.

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