71 LinkWheel Sites

What is new is leveraging Web 2.0 sites so you don’t have to develop all of the websites from scratch

71 LinkWheel Sites

Okay, guys, some of you may not know what these are for. And those of you who will wonder why I am posting it for all to see. I don’t know. I do stupid things like that.

Well, for those of you who don’t know what link wheel sites are, think of them as the web 2.0 version of mini-sites. If you want to know what a mini-site is, go download Revenge of the Mininet by Michael Campbell.

Now that is one book I question why it is free. I would pay for it. In other words, link wheels are networks of sites designed for one purpose, boosting the rank of one site in the search engines, although they may have more benefits.

Well, I will be writing a follow-up to this post. I just have developed a trouble-free process for getting link data. I did go through manually and add the notes and check for revenue sharing. So this post was simple.

An examination of link wheel structures, and there are a few, will be another story. Most have evolved from the Mininet book. In fact, the LinkWheel itself is only one of the many, many diagrams given away in that book.

So, so much for the newness of the Link Wheel. That book was written many years ago before web 2.0. You can read some more about link wheels in the meantime from Andy Beard.

What is new is leveraging Web 2.0 sites so you don’t have to develop all of the websites from scratch.

Revenue sharing means you get a share of the ad revenue generated from your content. This is a twist I added because I started noticing a few did share revenue and why not double-dip or possibly just create a closed-loop with the revenue sharing sites. Just ideas for now which I will be testing.

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So this list is nowhere else, a first thought I am pretty sure it will soon be copied as they always are. Bookmark, tweet, and do what you like. But let people know. That’s exactly why I give it away for free.

Link PR Alexa Share Notes
http://www.wordpress.com/ 9 18 Pure Blogs
http://www.bravenet.com/ 8 2426
http://www.weebly.com/ 8 828 Custom drag and drop platform
http://www.squidoo.com/ 8 249 Y Fast and easy to create a lens, knowledge site
http://www.ning.com/ 8 130 Create Your Own Social Network or Multiple Networks. Create blogs, add feeds, create groups and forums, automatically part of the massive network: Lots of possibilities
http://www.livejournal.com/ 8 82 Pure Blogs
http://www.blogger.com/ 8 7 Y Pure Blogs
http://www.quizilla.com/ 7 202089 Quizzes
http://www.slideshare.com/ 7 190481 Slideshows
http://www.viviti.com/ 7 17541
http://www.edublogs.org/ 7 9190 Teacher and student blogs
http://www.home.spaces.live.com/ 7 8315 Blogging and Social Network Aggregation, Updates
http://www.webnode.com/ 7 5409 Custom drag and drop platform
http://www.yolasite.com/ 7 3449
http://www.blogsome.com/ 7 2958 Pure blogs
http://www.wetpaint.com/ 7 2212
http://www.jimdo.com/ 7 1444
http://www.vox.com/ 7 1249 Pure Blogs
http://www.freewebs.com/ 7 1142
http://www.posterous.com/ 7 977 Micro Blogging
http://www.webs.com/ 7 402
http://www.friendster.com/ 7 246
http://www.scribd.com/ 7 245 Documents
http://www.tumblr.com/ 7 169 Micro Blogging
http://www.blogspot.com/ 7 7 Pure blogs
http://knol.google.com/ 7 1 Knowledge site
http://www.opendiary.com/ 6 32860 Online diaries rather than blogs and they say so.
http://www.diaryland.com/ 6 27797
http://www.sosblog.com/ 6 13156 Pure blogs
http://www.blog.co.uk/ 6 11757 Blogs and networking
http://www.today.com/ 6 7058 Pure blogs
http://www.bigadda.com/ 6 4257 Indian Blogs
http://www.onsugar.com/ 6 4060 Y
http://www.gather.com/ 6 2331 Y Knowledge site
http://www.blog.com/ 6 2020 Pure blogs
http://www.prlog.org/ 6 1197 The free press release site
http://www.ezinearticles.com/ 6 132 THE article site
http://www.shoutpost.com/ 5 3210713
http://www.zanga.com/ 5 1567027 Blogs
http://www.free-conversant.com/ 5 283943
http://www.upsaid.com/ 5 249867 Blogs
http://www.freeflux.net/ 5 194306
http://www.20six.co.uk/ 5 97094
http://www.tabulas.com/ 5 88116
http://www.beep.com/ 5 71072
http://www.blogskinny.com/ 5 70079 Blog and voting system?
http://www.devhub.com/ 5 35799 Y
http://www.tblog.com/ 5 35546
http://www.blog.ca/ 5 32307
http://www.blurty.com/ 5 20260 Blogs
http://www.thoughts.com/ 5 17630 Blogs
http://www.terapad.com/ 5 15053
http://www.blinkweb.com/ 5 12665
http://www.easyjournal.com/ 5 10771 Blogs
http://www.bukisa.com/ 5 4435 Y
http://www.hubpages.com/ 5 263 Y Have to reach a certain rank to get do follow
http://www.blogstudio.com/ 4 365151
http://www.wikyblog.com/ 4 266811
http://www.netcipia.com/ 4 227489
http://www.freeblogit.com/ 4 225557
http://www.blogeasy.com/ 4 186323
http://www.thediary.org/ 4 126319
http://www.blogtext.org/ 4 99599
http://www.blogstream.com/ 4 80223
http://www.mynewblog.com/ 4 58777 Y
http://www.journalfen.net/ 4 48182
http://www.blogigo.com/ 4 39591
http://www.bloghi.com/ 4 32226
http://www.insanejournal.com/ 4 7646
http://www.blogono.com/ 3 32117
http://www.blogr.com/ 3 24701

Great list of sites. It’s important to have a lot of credible sources! LinkWheel Sites

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