Google architecture

The Google Algorithm Secrets

The Google Algorithm – the secrets behind the functionalities of the Google search engine have been revealed! 10 years ago, the big thing that determined at what position Google ranked your website was: inbound links. This strategy was highly effective because it made it difficult to cheat the system. The key to good rankings in Google consists of tree very […]

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Gun Holsters by FoxX

We make gun holsters that fit with good retention and quick withdrawal if the weapon is required. We use top grade leather and Kydex for long durability. We make holsters for all gun sizes, from the small to larger guns and carbines including all ladies’ guns. Each holster is handcrafted. Try one of the holsters […]

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What to look for when hiring a search engine marketing company

Your search engine marketing strategy can make or break your business, so it is essential to get it right first time. Many businesses make the decision to outsource their search engine marketing to a specialist company with the hope of achieving the results they desire. However it is important that you vet SEM companies to […]

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Why Keeping it Simple is Such an Effective Logo Design Tip

Many new business owners make the mistake of creating an over-complicated logo. A business logo should be simple, distinctive and memorable. If you think about it, some of the most iconic logos are simple, featuring one object and two colours at the most. In this article we will explain the benefits of keeping your logo […]

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The benefits of using a freelance web designer

Back in the days before computers were found in just about every household, small businesses could thrive by simply taking out a well-placed ad in the local paper. That sort of marketing strategy simply doesn’t sly anymore, as every company needs to have some sort of web presence if they are to compete in the […]

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Content Marketing vs. Link Building

Using the online space as your primary marketing avenue has gone from a curious fad, to essentially the only game in town. With the dominance of search engine optimization in the business marketplace, buttressed by the virtual takeover of mobile devices and how smoothly they interact with cyberspace, having a website in the current era […]

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SEO Tools for Your Search Engine Optimization

SEO requires a lot of research before the process actually begins. SEO Tools is a great time saver, often for information and data in the second term of the hand control for information related to SEO. Everyone is looking for something and they may get better result if have any idea how to get a […]

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Google Panda

Google Panda Made Easy for Beginners

Most people who are not familiar with SEO terminology often wonder what those animals are doing on search engines, so to speak. Google Panda, Google Penguin and other updates are frequently used to change the way information is accessed and collected on search engines. Search results ranking algorithm is a complex process through which search […]

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Don’t Think Web Design Is Just About Graphics

When hiring a designer to build your business website, the hardest part is going to be communicating your specific needs. Every business or organization will have different requirements for a website. A hockey team will no doubt want tons of video, while an accountant will most likely not require very many. Both business websites will […]

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Keyword Research for the Modern Business

When worrying about the latest search engine updates and cutting-edge techniques, the fundamentals of keyword research are often forgotten or seen as an irritating time sink. Keywords have been part of SEO since the earliest search engines, but the methods used to bring in traffic have changed just as much as any other part of […]

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How To Write A Great Article for the Web

There’s a difference between writing and writing for the web. A huge difference. People who are not established writers will often use the internet as a method of getting their work seen to as many people as possible. And there are a lot of writers out there. So, if you have a blog post or […]

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